Astro : Mars in Capricornia

After nearly eight weeks of our twisted firestarter in tell it like it is Saggilands (yes simmering beneath us all right throughout eclipsia) well may we be due for a more productive fire in our bellies. Mars move into Capricornia hot on the heels of the new moon in Pisces augments the fresh start vibe and gives us the impetus and desire to grab our life by the horns.

Mars is a very happy camper in the mergoat’s mansion. His leaping fire is effectively channelled fuelling our goals and desires. Mars is said to be exalted here: he takes no prisoners, keeps his eye on the prize and gets shit done right.

In the natal chart this placement accounts for a ferocious work ethic, strong self discipline and the ability to contain anger – for better or for worse. Watch any tendency to bypass tough emotional terrain out of misguided redirection. We are still in the swirling tail of Pisces, a place built on drawing conclusion. Denial is its evil twin and serves no purpose other than to delay the inevitable.

The staggering combo of Mars with Saturn, residing here in his home state for the next few years, offers us all a steady path to our goals, sans shortcuts or bullshit. Look down the barrel of your life, decide your priorities and roll up your sleeves. Mainline the focus and stamina of this galvanising transit and keep your gaze unwavering. Do the work and you will be rewarded.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018