New Moon in Pisces : Transformer

The new moon in Pisces is upon us.

La La Land on Saturday at 6.12am
Nu Yoik on Saturday at 9.12am
Old Blighty on Saturday at 1.12pm
Sydney Town on Sunday at 12.12am, just after the crack of midnight.

Quite the bewitching hour, the moon new in Pisces is a shapeshifting wonder that enchants already shimmering skies. It is from here that we traipse into unchartered territory as the changes wrought in eclipsia continue to ripple.

We are in the final approaches to tipping points all over the place. The equinox days away as the sun strides into Aries and the zodiac begins again. Mars about to hit maximum effectiveness as he hankers to leap into Capricornia. Chiron departing his ocean of good tears for a simmering new approach to our overcoming in Aries. Mercury in the shadow of his retrograde through the ram’s den already buzzing our circuits. Uranus preparing to completely rewire our neural motherboard when he hauls planet into Taurus after seven years. Jupiter freshly backtracking his way through Scorpy shadowlands.

In the face of so much change, we are best to adopt the curious gaze of the wide eyed explorer. Discover new forests within and skies above as you watch yourself roll through the shifts ahead. Shelve expectation and surrender instead to the vast unknowable when this many planets, moods and forces are at play. Cultivate inspired response and remember that a pause is precious medicine. Align yourself to the new by making the kind of daring choices that intuitively feel right, even if they make sense to none but you. Perhaps especially because of it.

And under this soft new moon, in the gentlest of voice, make a heartfelt wish for your life. The moment she is new is potent and full of promise. At the rippling tail of Pisces, cast only for how you would like to feel as the next adventure unfolds.

Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.
~ Paul Cezanne

Art by Under The Blue Door and @ingd0
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018