The Dark Moon Underwater

The dark moon in Pisces before she emerges anew is a deep abyss in the cavernous ocean of the self. These are the closing moments of eclipsia, whose peculiar medicine has been as unsettling as it has been instructive. Holy mother of Neptune what a colossal catalyst she was. Here now we tread water in the closing degrees of the zodiac, a place built on drawing conclusion.

Pisces can offer us extra¬†levels of compassion when our empathy trumps our need to be right or angry or unforgiven. Its watery depths often force us to feel more than we may be comfortable with. Chiron’s strong ripples this week as he too prepares to shift (with added Mars niggle) mean that we are being plunged into our sorest spots, to balm them anew.

A dark moon done well sets the stage for the next lunar cycle. It begs us to rest so that we may deeply consider where we find ourselves and what we have learned. It is hinged on our ability to surrender to our own inky depths and to listen to the whispers from within. It affords us a soft dark space in which to let anything that has served its time sink softly away.

This moment is best hinged on acceptance, not knowing for sure what comes next. It asks us instead to cast our gaze back over the cycle, the season, the year that was and bravely draw its righteous conclusion. Perhaps not the one we would like. Unlikely the one we were expecting. But most definitely the one that speaks to the divine order of our life that our hustling head often struggles against.

Until the moon is new let yourself drift. Eyes of compassion see more than a narrowed glare and seek only to understand. This dark night is built on drawing conclusions that gently guide you to the shimmering new moon and the promise she always holds for us. Everything begins in these formless spaces between in the dark.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018