The Academy of Chiron

Welcome to the Academy of Chiron, a learning institution founded on principles that at first, second and fortieth glance seem fuqing ridiculous. You want me to sign up to deeply revisit all the very worst shit that ever happened to me or that *gasp* I did? Righto. How bout no.

Enter the shadow’s shadow. The cunning trick that lets us point the finger infinitely, apportion blame elsewhere and thus completely miss what we could have learned from it.

Bad shit happens. To all of us. It isn’t a competitive sport, it’s life. It isn’t for “a reason”. That spectacularly unhelpful irrelevance just keeps it outside of us.

It has a purpose, which is a very different thing.

Chiron’s teaching has oceans to offer us. A rising tide lifts all boats. Chiron’s tears in the story of our life can feel limitless. They perversely have the capacity to elevate us the same way.

For those keen to turn and face the Chiron (and I want you to hear that in St David Bowie’s voice) jump to my blog and in the search box at the bottom type in Chiron.
Call him by his name.

Or look, I’ve done it for you here in a fit of cosmic enabling.

This will link you to the many many times Chiron has showed up in the last year, as part of his ongoing mission in our chart to help us craft healing from our wounds. Overcoming that leads to transformation. A literal renovation and revolution of our true resilient selves through the process we are already signed up for: getting through it and then over it.

Today’s Bohomework and direct door into the aha is then to look back on what was going on for you on the days Chiron was moping about, poking our sore spots with salty fingers. These are the dates of the posts, give or take. God knows we have online access to every single day of our lives – privately and publicly. Add your phone, diary, calendars, full moons, rituals and events, birthdays, books of shadows, ranting journals (non? just me?) et voila.

Sit down. Grab a cup or a vat of something. As one of my favourite poets Atticus says, some days you drink tea and some days you drink whiskey. Do this exercise with the intention of linking to the Chironic theme of each day. The surge of nostalgia will take you directly back into your emotional body. Marvel / gag at how it floods back. Write it out. Let the link between Chiron’s intention that day and what happened in your corner of the multiverse be made.

Yep. Wow.

Let me know how you go, darklings. This is a space in which to join the dots supported. Relentless cheerleading just for stepping up to the plate included.

Art by @sarashakeel find her magic on Insta
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018