Astrofuquery Alert: Mars Chiron

For the next few days Mars and Chiron dance again in a capoeira style face off at the tail end of Pisces. All too soon Chiron will be joining the Aries party, having ideally prepared us for the ram’s playing field by drowning us in our unresolved merde for eight years. Bless.

It was back in mid October last year that our cosmic firecracker Mars lit a fuse beneath our battle wounds. Flashback for an aha / omfg /¬†again?!-you’re-shitting-me style insight. Gag as required. You will then know precisely how far you are along the healing path but remember, as kindly as you can, that depth counts for more than speed. There is no band or parade for crossing the finish line first because *whispers* it doesn’t exist. Jupiter retrograding through Scorpy shadowlands back towards almost exactly this point last October means school is IN. Bigtime.

Chironic revision – so delightfully close to chronic really – reminds us of his mythological ascendancy. Overbloodycoming. Well may we wear our damage like bleeding brooches we refuse to take off but for the love of simpering victimhood, why?! Would we not rather be defined by our rising than the awful shit that flattened us in the first place?

Chiron Mars together encourages militant boundaries as baseline self care. It cautions us to be assertive rather than aggressive, to stand our ground without scorching earth or spilling any more blood. Beware the battle when your energy could be better spent balming. You are only fighting yourself, old blame a gross indicator of an unwillingness to go within. Make love not war, ideally to and for yourself.

Chiron is the bridge between Saturn (structure, time, hard work, doing it right) and Uranus (revolution, fresh eyes, new approaches). The cosmos is far less interested in your wounds than it is your scar tissue, because no-one arrives to their revolution unscathed.

The only person place or thing you need to conquer is tucked deep inside, in the place where it still hurts. Do your best over the next few days not to switch that recognition off. Use wisely for spectacular results.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018