Retrograde Brakes On

If you have been fairly choking on the constant change of the last little while or longer, a cosmic let off is here. Ish.

Since the beginning of the year we have had all planets in direct motion. For over nine weeks, through three full moons and two eclipses, nary a backward step was taken cosmically speaking. It accounts for the ludicrous pace of this year and the frantic demands of our vaulting evolution.

In the last few days Jupiter has shifted into reverse gear in Scorpio. First cab heading back off the rank, his retrograde retraces his steps as far back as last October. Jupiter is our king of cosmic largesse and all about our expansion as human beings: our appetite for life and all its experiences. In Scorpy realms he has been augmenting our shadow focus, because life is not all about what we allow to fall under the spotlight. Not nearly.

Someone snort up the back there at yet more shadow work? Eyes rolling at just the thought of four months of living the spiritual renovator’s dream? Keep in mind we are already in boobs deep. The retrograde affords us a chance to go slower and deeper, rendering the process more effective. Revision always let you catch up on what you may have missed or got wrong previously.

Master Merc will be joining the rx rave in a fortnight, having entered his heads up shadow zone. His backwards dance is our cue to review our comms style, output and results. In Aries this redo is sure to bring flaming results. Both retrogrades have Mars in charge and agitating for the required changes to be made.

Both too afford us a welcome pause, an opportunity to get out feet off throttle and to stop our heads spinning quite so fast. Perhaps even digest some of the change that we are realising is here to stay. Make your practice taking your time.

Art by @sarashakeel my current art crush. Her prints are for sale via her Instagram link.
Words by Kerrie Basha, 2018