The Charge into Aries

Certainly harsh words will be going cheap as Mercury breaks the watery stranglehold and charges into Aries in a few short hours time. A boon for bombastic manchildren in large white buildings everywhere *snore* Mercury’s move into Aries is the early warning bell for his impending retrograde.

Of course it is not all ruthless outbursts and foot stamping demands. Mercury aflame in the sign of the ram hauls us out of the Piscean depths we may have been drowning in and powers our message with vim and vigour. It makes the next few days pitch perfect for launching your brilliant ideas on a delightfully startled world, hungry for something new to sink their chattering teeth into. Just make sure none of it falls under the retrograde shadow.

Venus will be hot on Merc’s heels tomorrow when she too shifts mansions into Aries. Not her natural state, she (and we) may well be pushed out of our emo comfort zones. Is this a bad thing? Probably not although it usually feels like it at first.

Arm in arm as unlikely allies, MercVen all lit up may well find us asking for precisely what we need before we have even had time to think. The truth – like anything we keep in the closet – is better out than in but only in the long run. Short term the secrets and lies we slithered around in Pisces – whether for our dubious benefit or for others – are due for an uncomfortable airing, most likely when you least expect it.

Ding ding, darklings. Errything is about to speed up until the brakes are applied mid month. Time to dry those tears and pop all the feels on a shelf in a goldfish bowl where you can still see them flapping around.

Use Aries’ significant firepower to fuel your newly honed desires. The baby of the zodiac always wants to run before he can walk and often has the chutzpah to pull it off. Impulse control + measured intent are the new superpowers du jour. Babes in the woods, start your engines.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018