Deep Rinse

If Eclipsia was the agitation cycle and Pisces season was rinse and spin then we can consider the Sun Neptune conjunction of the next few days the deep rinse yet required. Just add Chiron in eye wateringly close proximity to ensure that those old wounds with the tops freshly knocked off ’em get the flushing their healing demands.

Annually the sun perches on the same stoop as Neptune, setting alight our dizzying insight or our escapist desires for a few crazy strange days. Waving our free will flag as we oh so humans do, it can go either way.

Opening the glittering box stacked with your favourite distractions and anaesthetics will get you spectacularly fuqed up, in every sense. When Neptunia is the order of the day, everything and everyone has a stronger effect on you. And like the very best numbing agents do, will effectively delay the pain just a little longer. Their ongoing support in your quest to sidestep the inevitable is called addiction darklings and she’s a nasty mistress to outrun.

Opening the stinking box that reeks of unhealed flesh and shakes like a leaf in a gale is the bolder choice that few – if any – of us make first. Herein lies your blocks and your blindspots, your shadow and her buttons and all the worst stuff that ever happened to you. These are the doors in and Neptunia will gift you clues on the path through if you are brave enough to proceed. Gulp.

Bored of shadow work? Sick of the mirror and the agonising work of peering in? Feel like no-one else is limping through it like you are? You’re probably right. And that’s definitely just another Neptunian ruse to distract you from the work. No one loves the stinking shadowlands at first.

Look instead to your dreams, messages on high rotation in your life and repeat offences, yours and others. Take a passive approach to the outside world and approach your inner space like a zealous psychonaut, hell bent on discovery and adventure. Curious lenses and kind eye goggles on.

Go deep or that dial on the cycle will stick and you’ll drown in rinse and repeat. Go well and you will be carried to a whole new shore, the one shimmering in the distance so many wishing moons ago.

Art by @sarakasheel
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018