Happy Mardi Gras Sydney!

“I’m not like other men”

Tweet of the week / year to date from @bevtgooden on Twitter ~ whomever you may be, you gave me a great big belly laugh in a week dreadfully short on them.

Tis Mardi Gras tonight in Sydney town, once upon a time my favourite nightlife of the year. There will be no heels or hotpants or glitter for me this eve. No plans to pimp my scooter, sew sequins on my moonboot and head down for the parade. Instead I lovingly send big beautiful air kisses and gushing compliments on your well thought outfits to each and every one of you gorgeous creatures!

The Mardi Gras celebrates those who have had to fight for love, in a way so many of us can never truly understand. Those for whom life didn’t serve it up on a widely accepted platter. Human beings with hammering hearts and loins who fought hatred and bigotry (and bad fashun) for all of us. Who can finally marry whomever they bloody well want to after decades of parading for the most basic of human rights: freedom to be themselves.

Mardi Gras has always been a glittering celebration of life, love and everything with a killer soundtrack and hands down the best after party there is. So much joy. So much love. So much leather and polyester for late Summer. I will miss being there with you all more than ever this year.

Lots of love my darlings, give it heaps xxx