Astrofuquery : Full Moon Fever

Astrofuquery Alert (or when full moons go bad). Further to my last post exhorting us all to do nothing under this lunar peak may I introduce today’s cautionary tale.

This is an all too close up of a sitting member of the Australian parliament not taking a pointed question in her stride yesterday whilst doing a spectacularly craptastic job of representing her WA constituents. Precisely when did good people everywhere decide that banshees and corrupt clowns were their best political avatars? This is not an idiocracy. For the love of Julius Caesar, do ya bloody job!

But I digress.

From an astrofuquery standpoint there are landmines everywhere this full moon. A little too much Mars in Sagg action, telling it like it is. Now with added bombastic threats and handbags at twenty paces. Chiron in Pisces lighting up our shadow buttons and making them easier to press than a Fisher Price toy. Not enough sleep and too much fermented fruit as Neptunia whispered that one more wouldn’t hurt. Everything in Pisces making us want to ugly cry. Yes in public. Post eclipsia panic shortening fuses and raising blood pressure.

Tis an awful lot to keep tucked under the doona. This is precisely why keeping to thyself as muggles go rogue all over the place may just maintain your status quo. It is never easy to bite your tongue but in the face of abject lunacy, it may be the lesser of two evils.

Disarm phasers. Get off Twitter. Play strategy not psycho. You’ll be glad you did tomorrow.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018