Fear of a Blue Planet

Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces, currently planted therein and casting his significant haze over errything right now. And here we be. Craving escapism. Dreamscape gone batshit crazy. Enmeshed in drama. Mired in self harming delusion. Intuition on fire. Seeing through the matrix to the inconvenient truth. Visionary and vulgar all at once.

These and more scream Neptunia, though ideally not all at once.

Named in so many cultures after gods of the sea, its glyph represents the intersection of spirit and matter. Neptune rules our emotional body and the shimmering insight it gifts us earthlings – provided we don’t drown in it. A more natural state for water based elementals like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, the rest of us often flap about in his deep ocean. Unable to avoid dipping toes and heart or inept at communicating how we *really* feel, a grand part of our raison d’etre is the mastery of the vast tempest that constitutes all the feels. Yahuh, ALL of them. No shell unturned.

Discovered in theory before he was spotted for reals at the far end of our solar system, Neptune’s birth into our consciousness in the mid 1800s neatly coincides with the arrival of both hypnotism and anaesthetics. Of course. As an outer planet – the farthest far out there is – his influence is potent and nebulous all at once.

Neptune opposite our impending full moon in judgey Virgo gives this peak added drama, the potential for dissolution and devolution or worst of all, the final load of bullshit that breaks the cart. We ain’t out of them eclipse woods yet, not by a fortnight.

Of course, if you have been doing The Work that this season of chaos demanded, shedding the faux for a shiny true you and ignoring our mad world’s many dangled soporifics, Neptune and the moon shall reward you. Peer deep into your inner space and mine the void for the gold lurking there now.

The devil or the deep blue, darklings? You’ll know by Friday.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018