Crying Buckets

If you have found yourself feeling more than a little blue or indeed crying buckets over the last little while, you can thank almost all our major planetary players in water signs. Oh my giddy aunt there is a lot of emotion coursing about us and through us right now. Hand me the bloody tissues. No, just give me the whole box please.

There’s Jupiter in Scorpio warily eyeing his retrograde through the shadowlands. The waxing moon void in Cancer for a few more hours yet after days of outright sookery. No not you Mars but cheers for such a fiery flare up of a weekend to get our bottom lips quivering. And hello to the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron drowning in all the feels in Pisces. Tis the season, darklings.

Eclipsia still lingers, its unholy rearrangement of our lives not remotely in the rear view mirror just yet. The smoke may have cleared at ground zero but the levelling always smarts. Its harsh lessons are still ringing in our ears and burning our eyes.

There is a Virgo full moon on the rise bringing our tides up with it now. So too our judgement and criticism, ever the Virgin’s kryponite lens and a spectacularly unhelpful contribution to watery eyes. Whether you point the bone at yourself or oh so helpfully at others, you are not doing a fingerlickin’ thing to quell the waterworks with your nitpicking or projection. Kindly stop it. Immediately if not sooner.

Tears like rain can wash it all away. There is no point holding them in or back, or telling another not to let their overwhelm or distress pour forth. It helps, it really does. Crying releases the pressure valve. You won’t weep forever: tears like the ocean come in waves. I use and recommend a good cry because the alternative is unhealthy and dangerous: to your sweet self and your significant others and telemarketers everywhere.

So shut the door. Face your devices to the wall. Grab a hanky. If you need permission consider it granted.
Let it flow.
Come on and cry me a river.

“I understand now that I am not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy world. I cry so often for the same reason I laugh so often. Because I am paying attention.”

Quote via @astrologyangelmediums
Image via Pinterest, uncredited
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018