Astrofuquery : Mars Venus Stoush

Aaaaaand everyone back in your corners. The weekend’s Mars Venus stoush coinciding with the quarter moon delivered a veritable shitfight. Trouble in paradise shitting questionable magic all over your relationships, darklings? Hardly surprising when these two are operating at cross purposes.

In the red corner Mars in Sagg, asserting his freedom and independence and right to do whatever the fuq he pleases. In the deep blue, Venus wafting about dreamily unawares in Pisces until her bubble was unceremoniously burst. If you found yourself pointing loud fingers or making grand sweeping fuq you’s at any point over the weekend, you too were swept up in the clash across party lines as the moon entered crisis mode.

And although it is easy to make this into a war of the sexes *snore* the truth is we are each under the influence of BOTH in our charts, all genitalia aside (as it no doubt has been all weekend). The snap result of this kind of astrofuquery is everyone feeling unheard or unloved or at war. Tears / rage. Venus / Mars. The stakes ramp up and the wounds fester.

The best triage is to first calm thyself down. No one else can do that for you. It is worth noting here that screaming at anyone else to calm down is medicine worth taking yourself. Give yourself space and time to see reason. The space time continuum was designed to make everything relative. In theoretical physics as much as in the trenches of relationship.

And as I am so fond of banging on about, the opposite of crisis is opportunity. So sayeth the I-Ching and I really think they’re on to something. Every breakup or breakdown holds the kernel of breakthrough, if you can just stretch your reaction time. Mainline possibility instead of fiasco and fix your sights on the best possible outcome. Miracles are always unlikely until they happen, even the saints will tell you that.

The time for feeling sorry for yourself and angry at them is done. So last weekend. What you do next is what defines the result and where you go from here. Take the wheel now. Choose.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
~ Victor E. Frankl

Cartoon still from Masters of the Universe | Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018