Pisces Season

Last weekend as vital part of the post eclipsia change of state, the sun claimed his place in enchanted Piscean waters. He was joining Mercury, Chiron still weeping, our lady of love Venus and chief shaman and ruler of Pisces, Neptune in deliciously deep blue. Here may we submerge ourselves gracefully (or artlessly if that’s all you have left) into the everloving waters of possibility and highestpotential.

Our rationalisation and justification loops – the often addled overthinking of Aquaria – is submerged beneath the oceanic expanse of our feelings. Pisces is the dreamy evolution of our journey through the zodiac, an otherworldly portal to our soul-selves. Dreams and intuition are a higher law than grounded pragmatism here. As we try to find our feet post eclipsia, they offer a magic beyond our rational mind still reeling.

The shadow aspect as fish chase their tails through Pisces is denial. Served with a side of delusion, a liberal sprinkling of *drama* and garnished with the kind of anaesthetics that allow us to perpetuate our own bullshit. Our unholy tendency to stick with the devil we know as we tinkle the ice in our glasses and draw deeply on our smoke and mirrors is a dangerously ineffective suicidal tendency. Yet this seductively heady cocktail is always on offer in Piscean territory. Beware its potential to undermine if not undo the shaky progress of eclipsia.

Eclipses are long players that only deliver shitfights overnight. They need at least six months to settle in and show us why and how, who and aha. At this stage of the game everything feels too hasty or shocking. Our jaws are still agape. You can’t make this shit up.

Pisces season can offer us a welcome antidote to eclipsia. An elixir of simultaneous completion and a shimmering new beginning, if we are willing to forego chasing tails. Those who dive deepest find the treasures at the bottom of the sea.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018