Begin Again : The Wishing Moon Eclipse

Reset button anyone? If your last month / eclipse experience has resembled a steaming pile of revolution, the wishing moon on the horizon is the antidote to your malaise. The Aquarius new moon is a partial solar eclipse, partner of the Leo harbinger and finale to Eclipse-A-Tron as well as the lunar new year. Well may we arrive here a shuddering mess, scarred by our eclipse ride. No matter. Your tattered clothes and torn skin yet marks the relinquishing that has shoved your firmly back in your own corner whilst making unsought space for the new and wonderful.

In effect tomorrow’s syzygy will be eclipsing the south node of the moon, also currently in Aquarius. Nodal astrology is believed to speak to the continuing journey of our soul. The South Node denotes how you arrived in this life and what you already bring to the table. It can also be where assumed knowledge is holding you back from evolving. The sense that the South Node is left behind for greener pastures in the North as we travel through life can be a false assumption. The integration of our past with our beckoning future is key if we are to build upon what we have learned and refine or broaden our knowledge in this life. Our past lives within us, no matter how much we try to lock it in a box and hurl it to the back of the cupboard. Our lives are constant learning: once you know better, you can do better.

The Aquarius new moon arrives in glorious technicolour and heralds the lunar and Chinese New Year. We shift energies and outlook at this time and for moon mavens everywhere this heralds the true beginning of the new cycle. If your new year’s resolutions have already tanked or been usurped, you get another chance to set them afresh. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, our cosmic awakener and He Who Shakes Things Up. Deep in preparation for his move from Aries to Taurus mid-year after completing his retrograde mere weeks ago, Uranus always shows up future focused and hankering for our transformation, ready or not. Seeking the peculiar magic that lives inside each of us, Uranus will relentlessly stir us up until we begin to inhabit it. Just add eclipsia.

The maverick energy of the Aquarian new moon eclipse is the perfect start line as the shapeshifting we have each been navigating – flailing or sailing through or both – begins to make uncommon sense. This is the hallmark of Aquaria, her unique calling card an open invitation to leap boldly into your authentic self. No one else occupies your place in the multiverse. No other holds in their hummingbird heart your combination of talent and skill and experiences. It is your willingness and your courage to shine your brilliant light sans filter that will craft your life.

Aquarius is humanitarian, champion of the underdog and tireless warrior for the greater good. It inspires us to feel the embrace of community. It encourages collaboration over competition and asks us to seek out new paradigms that make this possible – for the highest good of all concerned. As we forge our unique path, it always asks us to contribute to the world at large. This is not the singular I am. This is the inclusive plural. Frequently this can mean that the good work of our lives – and all that we have learned on the long journey of its evolution – can be shared with others, so that they too may benefit from what we learned along the way.

Mercury snuggled up to the moon in Aquarius delivers strong support to our communications, helping us to get our message through and reach those who are longing to hear it. And because collaboration necessarily speaks to relationship, this new moon has an unashamed focus on our relating. How we connect. How we make ourselves understood. How well we listen to others. How much empathy we can inhabit, in order to understand that which is not our experience but broadens it. We have a chance now to reset how we relate to others and how possible we make it for them to relate to us. All of this hinges on communication skills, so if they require a serious level up use this neural reset to re-route any pathways that have always shown themselves to be dead ends.

Aquarius can often wear a reluctance for intimacy and vulnerability whilst craving the inclusion that comes with it. To be vulnerable is to reveal our whole truth and in an eclipse season focused on authenticity, it is an emotional life skill we are being asked to acquire. This means showing more than the shiny parts that sparkle in the sun. We must also too expose our perceived flaws, our sticking points and scar tissue, sometimes even our fresh wounds still trying to heal. If we want to be seen – really truly known – for all that we are then there is no other road.

An oft unrecognised superpower, vulnerability is the currency of connection. To be vulnerable is to hold open your chest cavity and let others walk around inside, in great discovery of Beautiful You. It seems counter intuitive at first (and can feel genuinely terrifying) but our greatest strength lies tucked away here, in the place where we finally reveal all that we are and the seeds of all that we can be. Your willingness to be vulnerable alchemises that quivering fear into boldness, holding open a hidden door to a brilliant dimension of the self.


The new moon eclipse in Aquarius happens on the 15th / 16th of February:

La La Land on Thursday at 1.05pm

Nu Yoik on Thursday at 4.05pm

Old London Town on Thursday at 9.05pm

Sydney on Friday at 8.05am

Auckland on Friday 10.05am

At this moment – brilliantly starred for rituals to craft your fresh start or even something as simple as making a wish – we have an entire galaxy in forward motion, looking for us to slingshot out of eclipse season and follow their lead. It is time for you too to step forward in every aspect of your life. This neural reset will literally light up our nervous system, which is ruled by Aquarius, firing our synapses as she arrives. The lightning will strike over and over again if you truly show up and allow the crackling inside you to charge your plans and fuel your inspiration. Authenticity is your prism and the world is aching to see all the colours you radiate. Shine your light. Let it connect you to all the others. Begin again from here.

You’ve always had the power my dear, you had it all along. You just had to learn it for yourself.

Glinda the Good Witch, The Wizard of Oz

If you are looking for a ritual or spell to enact during this powerful portal to our future, my new moon seeding ritual is here. Blessings of this sweet new moon – my birthday and my magical boy’s as well – and here is to realisation of all of our deepest dreams. So may it be.


© Kerrie Basha, 2018