The Big Let Go

When it comes to spirit animals, Miss Piggy has a place in my pantheon. As she rightly articulated this week – and I respectfully paraphrase – we fight to hold on and oh my giddy aunt how hard we fight to simply let go.

Held fast as we are in the syrupy thick of the dark moon, we are now brutally aware of all that eclipse season has excised from our lives. Our grief like molasses as our tears pool in new oceans. The yawning spaces in our world once filled with that now dearly departed and so dreadfully missed. The accompanying loss of faith as we search desperately for the shards of hope that sometimes catch the light.

The trick of eclipsia is in mastering its baffling simultaneity. Despite how heavy it can all feel and how disastrous things may currently look, you are being firmly moved back into your own corner. Especially if your holding space for anything outside of yourself had been terminally dimming your light. Space has been made. Fresh air swirls around you. The new moon eclipse and lunar new year is on the horizon.

But first, darklings, the big let go. If you have been following the Dark Moon Drill, you have been decluttering on all levels. Getting rid of what is stale or broken. Cleaning out the attic and the basement alike. Listening to the whispers and gathering up the clues.

Today ground that movement through ritual, lest you hang on like a total muppet. My Eclipse-A-Tron ebook baby is chockers with dark moon ritual and self care so you don’t have to fight anymore. So you can simply elegantly and gracefully let go. Now is the best time all year to take a giant leap toward your future by stepping softly away, darklings.

Eclipse-A-Tron is pay what you can from grab yourself a copy as my dark gift to you.


Image @therealmisspiggy
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018