The Bridge Between Eclipses

We delight in the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
~ Maya Angelou

Oh that bridge of sighs between eclipses. Herewith the pointy end of this mad season, as we round the final bend and descend into the dark of the moon. We are not there yet, not nearly. These dark days are the eclipse slingshot drawing back, taut and shaking.

You may still only be able to see the cavernous space left after everything you thought was solid beneath you fell away. Continue to honour your losses with your great grief, your tears a testament. Cry new rivers on which to set your paper boats afresh and let them carry you to undiscovered shores.

Everything may feel very out of kilter and well may we be wobbling. Balance is a moment to moment exercise in adjustment. The tiniest movement makes a difference. We are yet to know what the solid ground on the other side of eclipsia feels like beneath bare feet. Still it beckons to us, whispering in the still of the night about what could be.

Hold your focus and listen. Your world and your heart are quaking in tandem and this is just as it should be, the peculiar gift of eclipsing ourselves. You cannot carry anything too heavy nor favour one side over another. You cannot turn back now or you will tumble into the abyss. Hold true to your line no matter the armchair critics or snakes in the grass.

Keep going. No looking down or back or peering wistfully to the heavens. You are evolution in all its chaotic glorious messy motion. The divine delights in your courage and is holding you tight.

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We are all in this together, darklings.


Image of Alex Mason highlining in front of the solar eclipse via
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018