Eclipse Rollercoaster Mid Point

We are approaching the mid point between the eclipse we have had quite enough of already and its pretty partner, at the shimmering new moon in Aquarius next week. Is it just me or is this an arduously glacial gamechanger whose minutes are whizzing past as the days drag by? Mercury already in Aquaria may well be contributing to the time flux.

Our third quarter moon is in Scorpio, as if the shadows and stingers were not lurking about us enough already. Often a flashpoint, particularly for blindsided muggles or serial vampires, every crisis moon yet hides opportunity tucked behind its darkening face. In Scorpio it affords us a telepathic level of insight if you can stay on the high road. Seek it out lest a myopic focus on the *drama* of it all obscures your wide lens and enmeshes you deeper in a bucket of merde.

Whilst the eclipse rollercoaster remains a daunting ride that shows no sign of slowing down just yet, our descent into the dark moon has much to offer. Here is how you dispose of the slings and arrows, the once was and the toxic residue that may have attached itself over the last few weeks. My favourite dark moon ritual to let go (always on the blog and linked below) can be enacted on repeat this next week. Daily or as required, darklings.

The new horizon is nearly in sight. Our next new moon heralds both the conclusion of eclipsia proper and our lunar new year. In Aquarius a powerful neural reset is on offer, a foundation stone of castles yet to be built. As always, the fresh air of the sweet new moon and how she may yet bless your life is a function of how well you do the dark. Descend we must to rise anew.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
~ Arundhati Roy

You can find my ritual to let go, de rigeur for the dark moon here, darklings. Further eclipse practices, rituals and spells can be found in my Eclipse-A-Tron e-book, pay what you like for this magic here.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018