Eclipse-A-Tron Thriving Strategies

Eclipse-A-Tron Thriving Strategies Part Two is brought to you today by she who walks this familiar path between eclipses as they barge heavily through my chart and my world. My fixed friends – anything Taurus, Leo, Scorpy or Aquarian in your starry make up – the bell is tolling loudly for us. Best be making hay or you will be burned.

Beware the compulsion to make massive rash or reactionary changes to your world. You will certainly want to but what happens under eclipsing skies is not easily undone and rarely works out the way your addled mind envisions it. This particularly includes bold new looks, giant fuq you’s or the cultivation of drama. There is such a thing as too big a mane toss. Eclipsia is an unpredictable marathon, not a psycho sprint.

Skip the blame game, no matter what ‘they’ say or do. These are YOUR shadow buttons being pressed so that you can ideally deactivate them. The trick of initiation is to see the door in and if it is still everyone else’s fault *snore* you will miss it.

Mainline your practice because it is a doing word. We train ourselves for days like this so our practice holds us solid when we wobble. Move. Breathe. Be well. Be kind.

This too shall pass. Good or bad (because there is no in between right now) it will not look or feel the same tomorrow or next week or by the next eclipse. Roll with the punches and keep getting back up.

Glittering eyes peeled and laser focus set to stun. Your judgement is useless but your discernment is critical, lest you miss the gold hidden in all the shit flying around. It is there. Find it and nab it.

Respond don’t react. Your participation in the process at play is required. You are not a toddler so cultivate the distance between the two. Get really really good at it.

Oh my darklings. The winds of change are whipping well about us now. Put them to good use, filling up your sails and blowing away the cobwebs. Dance with your skeletons and peer bravely into your dark corners. This is how we drink in the magic of eclipsia.

The devil whispered in my ear, you’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, I am the storm.

My Eclipse-A-Tron guide to this mad season is packed with the astro and the energetics, the law and the lore of eclipsia plus double dose self care and potent ritual. Written to support Beautiful You as we walk with these mighty forces, it is available for instant download at

Art ‘Eye of the Storm’ by Arthur Bell
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018