There is so much to say about eclipse season and tonight’s superlune cosmic extravaganza that it is difficult to condense it into a post / haiku. Suffice to say change is writ large but let’s be honest: sufficing is hardly where it is at when eclipse rumbling rattles our bones.

Instead I have prepared another damn handy little e-book for you, darklings. This thirty page baby is jam packed with all the sky candy, my signature astro-energetics to help you connect to the mighty forces at play, potent rituals, powerful spellcraft and crucial self care practices.

Your astro cheat sheet with all the inside running is my gift to you during eclipse season and you can pay what you want for her. She is available for instant download and devouring from my online store

Knowledge is power, lunatics
~ Francis Bacon, probably during an eclipse.

All content c. Kerrie Basha, 2018