Eclipse Coping Strategies

Eclipse-A-Tron Coping Strategies, brought to you today by an addled Aquarian avec a highly Leonic moon and a bull rising. That’s right darklings, this eclipse (and the last one too I might add) are all up in my face. Fixed signs, this is a doozy for us.

There are always solutions at hand. I am chained to my writing – my saving grace and great gift to my sanity – and hoping to have my E-book on all things eclipsia to you soon. Beyond the gasp worthy astrology and energetics of this trilling time, it is jam packed with ritual sanity savers, the kind of every day practices (oh okay minute by minute as and when required) and you cannot overdo them. Use liberally for best results.

● Ground thyself. Bare feet on the earth. Hands plunged in soil or sand. Body immersed in ocean or river. Sitting out under the moon and stars. Hourly is working for me.

○ Breathe. Deeply. Loudly. Again. You cannot hold your breath through the entirety of eclipse season. Testing this theory not recommended.

● Let it out. Whether through screaming / stomping /yogalatesaerobics / trancecore dancing / sexual healing. Combinations work best. Move your bod to move the funk, in every sense.

○ Write it down. Every crazy thought (some of them will grow legs) every bowel shaking fear (they lessen when ink on page) every ermagerd insight (don’t interrogate the intuition) every errythang. Journalling is for your eyes only and pours the ‘clipsecrazy out. There’s gold in them thar words.

● Nourish thy nerves. De rigeur whilst tromping through Aquaria which rules our electrical network. Times by eleventy billion during this mad season. Nurture your crackle.

○ Militant self care as the fine art of survival. You first. Not negotiable.

Righto, back to it. Feel free and invited to contribute your sanity savers below. Venting also fiiiiiiiine. No judgement here. Just a shaking hand to reach for, darklings and lots of love xxx

Art @sarahshakeel hand delivered by starsister @lillithrebellion 😙
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017