Astrofuquery : Pluto and Mercury

Today’s overarching aspect as Pluto and Mercury stand shoulder to shoulder in Capricornia has the potential to go either way and is thus a major Astrofuquery Alert Day. Pluto is Captain Chaos, throbbing away from the inky depths, built on ruthless regeneration. He will tear your house down in order to let a solid rebirth and rebuild begin. And with a highly Uranian eclipse season already rattling our chains, this can feel a tad overwhelming.

Mercury offers us grounding cut through communication, though in such company these conversations may be difficult to have or take us to dark places we’d quite frankly rather avoid. They will require deep breaths and searing honesty. They won’t stand effective in the face of stinking thinking, poor me paranoia or untruth. They do offer the sweet promise of breakthrough and deeper understanding in spades, provided you don’t wipe your muddied shadowland boots on anyone else. Take them off at the door.

This aspect with us until the weekend is balmed by a long moon in Taurus, a welcome deep breath out. The bodywork moon encourages us to stay grounded, to dive out of our addled minds into our bodies and the realm of the senses. Use your body to move the tricky emotions snagging your clarity. Balm thyself.

Beware getting lost in a prison of your mind, whose bars are built on fear and false assumption. Co-opt Pluto’s penchant for destruction to break free and Mercury’s gift of communication to spell a new way forward. Be brave, dig deep and don’t give in to your fear. The cosmos is conspiring with you, not against you.

Art : Over Thinking? by Charles Wallis
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018