Eclipse Season Incoming

Hands up those whose foundations have been shaken or world has turned on its head since the new moon less than a week ago. Many have been asking me WHAT THE ACTUAL FUQ IS GOING ON (yes in capital letters) particularly last Friday and into the weekend. The answer is simple: the new moon heralded too the official beginning of saison d’eclipse.

Eclipse season is always a universal alarm, suddenly waking us where we have slept too long. Eclipses tend to rudely rattle the chains that we think are locked the tightest or bind us the greatest. That which we cannot conceive changing. That which we have taken for granted, figuring it will always be there for us. That which we have been unable or unwilling to shift ourselves. This season throw in a liberal helping of Uranus. Our cosmic wake up caller is renowned for sudden lightning shocks and is shaking and rattling us from Aries, baptism by fire.

Eclipses are a peculiar magic. A baffling combination of brutal course correction and shimmering new horizons, all at once. Eclipses operate like the agitation cycle of a giant celestial washing machine, hurling and tumbling us around in order to shake loose the grit and dirt that stains our life so that we can see clearly.

We may well wail and flail and stumble but in time (and you can almost guarantee it by the next eclipse season) we will be grateful for these life altering skies, as we come to understand precisely how they forced us to dodge bullets we were more than willing to take.

If all you can hear now is ringing know you are being awakened. Called loudly and unequivocally to step forward in your life. Like all initiation, the unfamiliarity and discomfort is challenging. Eclipses outline the new shape our life will take, even before we agree to forge it. Submitting to your growing tip is crucial to your evolution. Practice – in every sense – makes perfect if you are to eclipse yourself.

Life is an initiation. All of it. Initiation. 
We don’t always get to pick and choose how it’s served up. The biggest initiations we rarely see coming. They often blindside us. Because if we knew what the hardest parts entail, we likely wouldn’t show up for it.
~ Orlando Bishop

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018