Aquarius Season

The sun’s move into Aquaria today, hot on the heels of our Lady Venus, heralds an elevation from the grounded pragmatism of Capricorn season. Ideal to start our year, the mergoat aids an intuitive feeling out of the nuts and bolts structure and function of the new year. Now we are lifted by the fresh air of the water bearer’s mansion as the bizarre magic of eclipse season too begins to shimmer.

Aquarius is a strange melange that I write about with some authority as a card carrying native. Always an unusual combination, they have twin imperatives thanks to dual rulership. In ancient times it was Saturn, accounting for a very fixed nature, stubborn endurance and the kind of boundaries you could cut glass on. Then came Uranus and Aquarians mainlined this planetary rebel. It accounts for the different drummer imperative, the ability to channel the zeitgeist or leapfrog over it and a defiant unwillingness to conform.

There is inherent opposition held in Aquaria and its people. The rule breaking rebel who hates their own lines being crossed. The otherling that craves the embrace of community. The batty inventrix high on genius and short on common sense. Having lived it, raised it and loved it, Aquarius is as charming as it is frustrating and proudly never the same twice.

As a seasonal imperative it will include two cracker eclipses that hark back to last August’s behemoth and beyond to the late 90s (in case you were wondering why it’s all slip dresses and plum lipstick again). It encourages us to feel the embrace of community as we stubbornly forge our unique path.

Aquaria offers comfort to the ousted, encouragement to the downtrodden and real otherworldly magic to bolster your endeavours. You are more than welcome to plant your flag and then to choose whatever takes your fancy from the buffet on offer.

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover but live in a society that absolutely does, make no bones about it. And in the mind of this Aquarian, it is precisely the reason that so much beauty is overlooked and so much of the fringe is ignored by an often mindless mainstream that does not even realise what it is missing.

Yet our greatest innovators and inventors, thinkers and creatives largely existed (and still do) in that other place, the one slightly removed from the norm where their freedom was not compromised and their ideas got enough oxygen to grow legs.

People fortunate enough to live beyond the prescribed paradigm carve their own path, which allows them to revel in their contradiction. They don’t constrain themselves to picking just one side; they chose many and in doing so always pick their own. They give themselves the right to change their mind, to learn and do better when they know better. They occupy a realm delightfully low on judgement because they have felt its cruel ignorant sting too many times.

That place is Aquaria, home of the misfits and rogues who just don’t want to fit in. This month you have universal permission to seek out and embrace your contradictions, your inner space and outer reaches. You just never know what you might find waiting for you there.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018