The Morning After The New Moon

We do not wake the morning after the new moon with our intentions made manifest. They do not shake us from slumber or bang down our doors. Rather they are seeds, held tiny in our hands and heart.

The greatest of gardeners are patient. They prepare well before gently planting. They water and weed, nourish and nurture. They never hurry nature knowing that growth is uneven and irregular and happens in its own good time.

Yesterday’s new moon was a micro moon, small but mighty. She is just turning her light face slowly towards, not yet a sliver and still as far as she can be from our crawling earth. Quietly too she heralds the beginning of our first eclipse season, the dots to be joined from last August and as far back as 1999 beginning to faintly glimmer now.

Your intentions require action and innervation to bring them to life but not all at once, lest you will swamp your magic with impatience. Choose instead to survey the fresh landscape and bless your seeds with a quiet knowing and a soft slowhanded approach.

All in good time, my pretty, all in good time.


New moon tarot is a wonderful way to clarify intention and get the lie of the landscape. Infused with astrology, peppered with magic and watered with wisdom. Written in the stars, all is revealed through the cards. Online or in the flesh today in the Hunter Valley at the lovely Myrtle House Wollombi.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017