Astro : Venus into Aquaria

Trumpets please (or at the very least the Dali equivalent) as the Capricorn party dissipates and gives way to the forward thinking airy daring realm of Aquaria. Our Lady Venus is first cab off the rank as she slips, right about now, into the water bearer’s mansion.

Venus in Capricornia certainly showed us our limits. The boundaries within our heart space – or worse, the glaring lack of them – were lit up like Christmas trees as sobering reality took hold. Of course Venus is a multifaceted goddess so what was found lacking in one sphere of influence, such as relationship, was efficiently channelled into the creation of another, such as our work or our art.

Venus in Aquarius is future focused: one eye on the collective and the other mainlining the zeitgeist. Curiosity drives this love bus, which can see all manner of unusual pairings. Here the eccentric and freaky is embraced, the rules don’t make sense and individuality is king. There’s enough cool detachment to ensure an elevated exchange, although the tendency to intellectualise our emotions must be watched for the trap that it is.

Aquaria is all about the collective where no one is left outside. Radical activism for the greater good is sacred as Venus here challenges the hearts and flowers status quo. Evolution that moves us into the future is de rigeur. As we continue to gingerly navigate the shifting dynamics between men and women, economics and ecology, us and them, this new Venusian vibe is just what the witch doctor ordered.

And with the sun joining Venus here in days, the time to plant and hoist thy freak flag is so close you can feel the crackle in the air. I may be biased because it is my natural state but Venus in Aquaria is ever a lighter sweeter space where inspiration floats freely on the breeze. You cannot cage it or command it but all are welcome to tap in. No freak left behind.

Image: Barbarella
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017