New Moon in Capricornia

The new moon reset in Capricornia is no longer just over the next hill. In fact this polished floor is crowded and ever ready for the dip and tip.

The freshly minted moon joins her lover the Sun and Lady Venus all too briefly for this dance, before they move to the fertile thinking grounds of Aquaria. Saturn has made himself at home again, as he prepares us for the long playing restructuring andrebuilding of our worlds. Pluto loves a party, all the more havoc to cause as he sets his chaos bombs about us, all in our best interest you understand. Even Mercury gets his winged feet on solid ground here, aiding and abetting our understanding of this new vibe.

Nodding from the watery windows upstairs, looking upon this tipping point, Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio add a depth charge to ensure our fertile underworld and the power held in those dark realms in not dismissed or excluded from our new journey. Chiron is crying buckets in Pisces, proud of the work of last year and feeling his healing take hold in each of us. Happy tears, he murmurs to Neptune, casting her liquid gaze over the scene from her home state bringing shamanic insight to our deepest dreams.

A galaxy in forward motion. A cosmos conspiring with our evolution. The reboot is here.

New Moon Moment of Power

La La Land on Tuesday at 6.17pm
Nu Yoik on Tuesday at 9.17pm
Old Blighty on Wednesday at 2.17am
Sydney Town on Wednesday at 1.17pm

Cast or be in practice, in circle or in ritual. As complex as you like or as simple as intention focused over a candle.
Begin now as you mean to continue this year.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017
Art ‘Dream Tracks’ by available for sale as a print via the artist’s page