Mergoat Musing

Although it is hard to go past stargazing to French torch songs or days of salt baths, the greatest medicine you can take in the dark moon is mythology. Myths are the origin stories that form the basis of all the other ology’s built upon them, particularly astrology. You want source material? Bury thyself in the oldest stories there are.

Capricorn rules our vocation, the intersection of our work and our soul’s calling. The original symbol of Capricornia – where so much of our galaxy is cuddled up right now awaiting our true new year with baited breath – is the mergoat. A noble and intelligent creature with many names in ancient cultures, the mergoat represents the meeting of our earth and sea. The goat is ambitious, curious and steady, thriving in the face of challenge through diligence and perserverance. The fish connects us to the watery realms of emotion and intuition, that which calls to us from beyond sense and reason. It is here we connect to our soul and how we feel into its deep yearning and true calling.

This potent combination is too how we ground our magic in this world’s inhospitable environs. As the emblem of our first new moon, we are called to stand firm and true in this intersection: of heart and head, of dreams and reality, of possibility and power. Here we find ourselves bereft of excuses and filled with the focus that comes as glorious accompaniment when you get ready to really truly properly once and for bloody all Do Your Soul’s Work.

By now we have all got the terse memo / le creuset to the face about authenticity, showing up now and burning that bushel. Saturnians are never late and abhor faux anything. Particularly procrastination, bullshit excuses made to appease all but yourself or a lazy cake eating hands off the wheel approach. Best be burning any permutation of that muckraking malarky in your cauldron this eve.

As the door to the new year soon cracks open, step through prepared to honour the commitment this body made to your soul self when you were just a twinkle in your Mama’s eye. You DO know what it is. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. You simply have to trust it and work with it, starting tomorrow.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017