Uranian Wake Up Call

There’s been a niggle in the air the last few days, floating snark that I hadn’t quite been able to nail down. And then this dark moon weekend, rudely awakened more than once by forces outside myself, it has dawned on me with the exaction of a thousand alarm clocks.

Ding ding 2018. Change is afoot.

In our galaxy, Uranus is an outer planet with a slow moving orbit. Androgynous and innovative, Uranus is known as the Great Awakener who utilises our intuition and eccentric gifts to help us carve a space of personal freedom. Not remotely concerned with attachment or status quo, Uranian influence strongly felt is initially supremely disruptive and unable to be ignored or pushed aside. The bells that won’t stop ringing in your head. The shift unwilling that beggars no excuses. An inability to roll our attention away. A deep desire to find a new way that cannot be placated by the old.

Uranus hauls us – individually and collectively as a long chart signature – from peaceful slumber and in the face of our blinking eyes does not pause. Such sudden transformative force requires instant innovation, as we scramble to adjust unprepared. Uranus’ dance with Saturn was a major wake up call throughout last year as the solid structure and foundations of our world got all shook up. Those flimsy or unsustainable or out of time crumbled spectacularly. This year our cosmic awakener will be throwing significant weight and shade to complete the processes seeded back in 2016 designed to change our world.

I don’t know anyone who likes to be dragged out of bed but cocooning thyself in its comfy covers prevents us from staying woke, non? Our worlds – big and small – are demanding revolution. Trailblazing is the order of the day. And that cannot happen if our eyes remain shut.

‘Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and face the challenge of change.’
~ Martin Luther King

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017