Venusian Cazimi : You Too

At the beginning of this week Venus conjoined the sun. This astrological magic is cazimi, a gorgeous Arabic word that means in the heart of, in this case, the sun. It is effectively a rebirth of planetary energy as our lady Venus takes her place in Capricornia between the sun king (our masculine principle) and Pluto, lord of regeneration for whom phoenixing is a natural state. This whole week these three stand shoulder to shoulder in the sky.

So too on Monday did we watch in teary awe as women draped in black stood together and welcomed, in Oprah’s stirring words, the new day on the horizon. A total eclipse of the previous paradigm and a blessed new beginning. Here in Australia it was too the first day that gay couples could legally marry. This week the Australian Rugby Union has finally agreed to pay female representative rugby players (or Olympic Champions as we know them) for their time and skill.

We are literally bearing witness to the rebirth of the feminine principle in modern society and she proudly claims her place next to the masculine, on equal footing.

Men of the world, you are not excluded from this, far from it. ALL of us have a unique Venus signature in our charts. Venus rules that which we love and that which we birth into this world, because the feminine principle is tethered to creation. And currently lit up by the sun, as inside all of us we seek a new balance. We are each crafting a new way of being in our worlds, in our relationships, in our work.

This year is built on restructure and rebuilding. It is not exclusionary. It seeks cooperation and collaboration as it opens its arms wide. It asks each of us to take our unique seat at the table and allow ourselves to be guided by an alternative internal imperative to that which conquered and then crushed our world.

Your required contribution is neither defined nor limited by your genitals. Pfffft. The time to eclipse that way of thinking has finally arrived, easily felt if you just turn your face to the sun.

Humankind is masculine and feminine, not just man or woman. You can hardly say of your soul what sex it is.
~ Carl Jung

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017