An Evolutionary New Year

Musing on evolution as we move into a new year. I used to choose a word or a feeling at the beginning of a year but with everything moving and rearranging and changing so fast it isn’t sitting to hold myself to just that, only that. Not this year.

Now we begin to restructure and rebuild, moving towards a 2020 vision. Still a grand unknown, nebulous possibility. What has crumbled is making space for something more authentic, better suited, truer, realer. The eclipse seasons will continue to help with that, in their beautifully brutal fashion. What is threatened can yet be saved but it will take discipline and old fashioned hard work. There are no short cuts on offer this year. What is gone is done for a reason. Trust it.

Prepare for the whoosh when the vacuum 2017 left magnetises and fills, likely quickly with our entire galaxy in forward motion soon and for the first few months. Allowing – the control freak’s cryptonite – is the only way to keep the parameters as cavernous as the possibilities. Are you willing to surrender to what life has in store for you?

This photo was taken back when I started Bohemia in Wollombi, six years ago. What I was actually doing was tipping myself out of a life built on meeting other imperatives and veering wildly back on to my path as it rose to meet me, but this beaming woman didn’t know that yet. She was being moved, having been almost toppled and in the rebuilding she reclaimed her destiny. It wasn’t unplanned but it felt directed by forces greater and wiser than me.

This year has the same feel to it. Expansive. Brimming. Unpredictable. I am so very keen, day by gentle day, to see what she holds.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017