2017 You Fuqer

There are years that ask questions and there are years that answer.
~ Zora Neale Hurston

And then there was this year. One that when we peer back into history to remember our lessons will have a red flag plunged into its varied days.

It was the year the awful tide of every day abuses began to turn. We heaved a sigh of collectively triggered relief, oddly disconcerting and satisfying all at once. Whether you were battling the patriarchy, the bigots, the homophobes or the just plain mean spirited, suddenly you weren’t alone.

Together we stood and marched and fought for the rights and freedoms of the female half of the population, Mama Earth and her water, refugees, domestic violence, healthcare and more. The fire in our bellies raged finally out of control. We sensed and truly felt our collective power and our compassion as it surged through us.

And as we watched so many unbreakable institutions and unshakeable beliefs tremor and crumble on the big stage, so too did our little world begin to reform itself. We spent an arduous amount of time this year being schooled in the anatomy of our wounding. Working out where it still smarts. Discovering the tender parts we have refused to let heal. Excavating the muck as we trudged through the glinting mire of our shadow, one and all.

A wise man once told me if I couldn’t make a decision I should simply toss a coin. I baulked at the fatalism and he smiled knowingly. As soon as that coin is in the air, you will it to land one way or another. Your decision is already made. In much the same way, sometimes we have to get what we don’t want served up to us on a pretty platter, in order to realise what it is that we truly crave as our own.

That was the story of my year in so many ways. Constant redirection and sometimes painful rediscovery that leaves me in a place of brilliant hard won clarity. Saturn in Capricornia (or SatCap as I am coining it because we shall be speaking of it a lot) is already morphing me into an introvert who knows precisely what she wants to do with her precious time. Who and why and how I want to work, live, love. What absolutely doesn’t fit or fly in my world. The whole truth and the bare bones. The ending and the next new beginning.

And although the process has been undeniably fraught, the darkness sometimes enveloping and the tuition relentless, the results are astonishing. The mist is clearing to reveal next year’s new landscape and I am enchanted anew.

Thank you 2017 for the gong show. We are so done and I am so grateful.

Perfect summation in one pithy graphic via Cheyenne Tozzi
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017