Saturn’s Homecoming

After three years in the wild Saggilands, Saturn re-enters his home state of Capricornia later today. His cycles are each a schooling in particular disciplines where a clean and tidy, hard working approach is the only way through. Despite appearances to the contrary, there is no way of getting around Saturn.

The cycle completing now will find you in a vastly different place and state to its kick off back in 2014, non? Since then Saturn’s Saggi gristle and grit has been grinding us down to our core truth: personally, professionally, culturally, socially. A bullshit free zone, his cosmic sandpaper has dispensed with our flimsy facades and neatly disposed of the hats and habits that don’t fit, can’t serve, won’t work. Well may it feel a little raw and real. Job done and right on schedule, of course.

As Father Time returns home to himself so too do we, fixing our sights on our 2020 vision. Capricorn is steady, tenacious and all about the building blocks. Patience and discipline is Saturnine oxygen. Together they build empires that endure, whose foundations can be trusted and whose solidity is formed of deep seams of our core values. When we are aligned to our higher truths rather than the convenient ones, the path to the summit emerges from the clouds.

Got a plan? Saturn loves a listmaker with a well thought out approach. At the pointy end of the year it is now time to change the record and begin your dance anew.

Saturn does not ask us to give up our dreams, only to make them real
~ Steven Forrest

Collage art by Joe Webb
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017