New Moon : The Journey Within

The ardent archer’s new moon nearly upon us as the cosmos leaps towards the next year and season in Capricornia. This new moon heralds a week of significant change and asks us to seek the centaur’s wisdom within, lowering our bows to journey to the heart of our own truth.

The wild Saggilands are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion who craves the kind of learning that is undertaken as a journey, one whose destination is shrouded and unfolds acoording to where and how we travel. This month, much like this year, it is our inner space that we have been clambering through, the wildest adventure of them all.

Trine Uranus, our cosmic awakener and transformer, our final new moon calls time on this part of the quest. She encourages us to cobble all that we have learned this rollercoaster year into a coherent form that will guide us through the next. Mercury in the final throes of his retrograde dance has neatly pinged the past to remind us where we started and what we may have come to understand, let alone mastered, since then.

Chiron squaring to face us from higher minded Pisces has given us many opportunities this year to study the anatomy of our wounding, at both an individual and collective level. His schooling is our greatest teacher and this face off is ensuring we have seen our lessons and committed to their completion.

Saturn is readying for his return home and at the anaretic degree, even in bright eyed Sagg, can feel heavy or dour. Watch the tendency to get too judgey judgey with yourself while trying to neatly wrap up the year and the odd shaped gifts it has left under your tree. Feel your newfound boundaries not your perceived limits.

The year ahead is one where we set to rebuilding, crafting and creating in this damaged but healing new world. This new moon places us at the galactic centre: of our cosmos, of our world and ideally of our good self too. Use her firepower here to charge your quest to do and be better. We are soon shooting for something greater than the moon. Allow her blazing truth to unshackle you from the challenges this year may have brought so you may stride as a peaceful warrior into the next.

New Moon Times
Wollombi : 5.30pm Monday
La La Land : 10.30 pm Sunday
Nu Yoik : 1.30am Monday
Old Blighty : 6.30am Monday

This moment is powerful and best spent in ritual with thyself. No bells, even fewer whistles. At the moment of the new moon, simply ask your innermost deity to give you one crumb to follow into the new season. Note it well, the perfect foundation to build a solstice ritual upon. Let your sweet self be your guide.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017