Let Yourself Be Witched

Just dialling in from the dark moon to enquire how the shedding is coming along. Proceeding nicely? Yesterday’s ritual can be repeated / completed today and as ever my darklings, let your intuition be your guide.

In case you’re wondering why that dark undertow feels a smidge heavier than usual, keep in mind that we are between supermoons : the tide out is also supercharged. And in the tail end of Sagg, it is illuminating Chiron by opposition, just checking in once more and again to see how the healing is coming along.

For many December often splits our stitches, unpicking the good work of our rolling healing. With Merc rx hitting us hard in the nostalgias and The Past popping up like targets in a shooting gallery, let the reminder prove progress rather than reinfecting your head or heart space.

If your healing journey has been a tough ask (and in a triggering year of revelation that oft resembled a horror show it has not been an easy ride) remember it is a work in progress. You are. We are. They are too. We all share this evolutionary imperative and fight it just as hard some days. As I have scribed repeatedly this year more than any other, we are all in this together.

If you’re after some good medicine, you can always head to my blog at www.bohomofo.com for much luna lore and transformational magic. Where you see the magnifying glass, type in ‘Chiron’ to pull up a play by play of the centaur’s dance with us this year. Or enter ‘dark moon’ to read more about why the cauldron space is my favourite kind of lunacy.

Getting off the phone now, darkling. My dark moons reek of reading, writing and resting and I crave their inky embrace. Every month in a row this blessed chance to down tools and dial into mine own inner space, no longer afraid of the dark. Let thyself be witched.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017