Astro : Mars into Scorpio

Last weekend Mars zoomed from Libra into Scorpio after way too long in the vascillating wilderness. In Libra, Mars was hamstrung as diplomacy and conciliation challenged his very nature. Mars said good day sir last Saturday and gleefully returned to a favoured home state, his fire and chutzpah blending seamlessly with the Scorpion’s trademark intensity.

Mars in Scorpio takes even less shit than usual, an interesting juxtaposition with our fast approaching annual holidays. Well may we use it as a galvanising transit taking us through festivus and right through until the end of January, its impetus helping us to wrap up this year and plan for the next.

Saison du Scorp just gone (but not forgotten) was a giant grating of our underbellies with many a secret revealed and many a weinsteiner forced to pay the piper. As Mars enters that messy mansion, his fire and his warrior nature provides just the juice we now need to fight for what matters.

Martian fuel is aggressive. It gets angry. It demands to be heard. It does not make – or take – excuses. It will not play nice or lie down. It rarely bends and breaks even less. For too long we have been schooled to calm down, to reign in our outrage and temper our rage. In a world crying out for rebalancing where justice is in short supply, Mars in Scorpio is our saviour spirit animal.

No more apologising. No more meek requests. No more bowing to the gong show that passes for leadership. Sometimes it is only by standing up to fight against what is wrong that we can make it right. And there is naught to be sorry for in that.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017