Chiron Direct

Chiron turning direct is an elegant elevation from the malaise of the back half (arse end?) of this year. His retrograde period is always designed to hurl us – unceremoniously and largely unwillingly – into the anatomy of our wounding. Individually. Collectively. No one escapes it, though many will deny it.

This year Bad Men everywhere have had to choke on a hefty dose of their previously heady cocktail of violent mysogyny and sexual misbehaviour. No tissues for you. It is fair to say that the curtain has been well and truly yanked back on our world’s seedy underbelly, on its shadow. It is here that our collective wounding has always existed. So it is with us as individuals.

Our hair triggers spring from our wounding, whatever that is. Wounds don’t bear comparison and trauma is not scaled. Often first embedded in our formative years, the process (and yes too its magical reward) is in the grand overcoming of that which injured our soul.

Chiron hit that spot in reverse gear several times, dancing with Saturn (do the work) and Uranus (transform and alchemise) during his retro to get us to see that there is little point in reinfection or knocking the scab off over and over again. This is about knitting thyself back together. Our proud scars are the brilliant evidence of the healing process that is Chiron’s raison d’etre.

It is through healing that our wound ceases to be our defining conversation point. It is at once transformed into potent personal power. It didn’t break you. It forged you.

Wherever you are on the healing spectrum, Chiron’s return to forward motion is a wonderful time to finally, truly and absolutely get over it. Call in reinforcements, healers and allies if and when you need to. Step away from shame, a mere barrier to your overcoming and not part of your true character. Begin to exercise your power to heal.

The world requires it, individually and collectively. Jump on Chiron’s bandwagon and add your sweet self to the healing army.