Cicada Medicine

The weekend’s burgeoning supermoon was carried to her peak by cicada chorus round these parts and yesterday this little guy stopped by to share some moon time, drumming his illuminating message into our heads and hearts.

Cicadas are canny communities who work as one. Deeply connected to our most ancient beings, they sustain themselves on tree roots for years before choosing the moment of their emergence. Instinctively they know when predators are thin on the ground and life is ripe for the picking.

Once above ground, cicadas beat deep within their bellies to produce their trademark sonic calling card, luring their mates-in-waiting and giving us the soundtrack to odd summers without birds, blanketed in heat and sound.

This giantess moon heralds the vast changes still embryonic and more yet to come. In our sky. On our earth. In the hearts and minds of men. Deep in the wombs of women. Now if not sooner. We are required to find our communities, deep within and beyond in the wider world, and nurture connection for our greater good.

Held and seen and supported then may we too individually emerge at just the right time.
Each singing our own song.
Each beating the tiny drum in our bellies, its unique beat our medicine and our gift to the world.
Our voices raised in a chorus of creation, cantillating our brave new world into life.

Words and image c. Kerrie Basha, 2017