Astrofuquery : Mars Up Uranus

If you have been simmering to the point of eruption about someone, something, anything, today could well be the day you blow your top. You can thank our cosmic agitator Mars and his bingle with changemaker Uranus for the tipping point, as these two heavy hitters oppose each other to shake up the status quo.

Whenever Uranus is throwing his weight around you can forget complacency, simply toddling along and going with the flow. Not today sunshine, there are changes to be made. Mars adds his fire from Libra, the traditional home of the We / Me conundrum, and it well may be in relationship realms that you feel the niggle.

When Mars is banging about anywhere it is wise to avoid stress lords, known offenders and anyone who gets on your tits. Today steer well clear of anyone who even vaguely approximates the area around your boobage. That said if the boiling point is inevitable you can use this cosmic force for transformation to force the shift.

Is this your break up, your breakdown or your breakthrough? Decide or the gods will take it out of your hands.

Venus soon rises from the Scorpio swamp and sashays into the Saggilands, where she joins Mercury about to turn retrograde and Saturn soon to depart for Capricornia. The moon is almost full and superpowered. Neptune’s haze is clouding clarity as Change storms all about us.

Action stations my lovelies, the gods are as restless as we are today.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017