New Moon in Scorpio : Rebirth

After what has been a brutal, cathartic and nothing if not enlightening dance through the shadowlands, Scorpio season is drawing to a close culminating in our rebirth with the new moon. A messy business it has been, forcing examination of our relationship to power and the seamier side of its expression. But despite the dire endless revelations, the gritty grotty underbellies, our skeletons rattling and our cages too, it is finally time to rise from the depths.

The bright lady in Scorpio now sits with Venus and Jupiter, nodding to Neptune and Chiron. I have been banging on about these major players all this week  and each adds their peculiar and potent magic to this lunation. Venus integrating the shadows and finding a healthy home for them in our hummingbird hearts. Jupiter expanding our new truth to house us and hold us up to a higher standard. Neptune bringing shamanic levels of insight and lighting up our dreamscape. Chiron helping us to assimilate our wounding and transform it into triumph.

The new moon used to rise in tandem with the sun’s journey into a sign, landing her in the first decan. It was from here that we embraced the new, the change in energy and the shift in the world about us, and had a month to marinate in its gifts. Post eclipsia, when everything tipped on its axis, the new moon now rises in the third or final decan of a sign: the part where it completes rather than begins. The cosmos now presumes a knowledge buried within us that is ready to be unlocked. It has had enough of us mincing about making promises and casting spells and then doing precisely nothing to further those aims as the moon waxed. The multiverse is trusting us to work with our higher order life skills and figuring that steep learning on the go is the only way forwards. What better way to change the world and fast?

We are each required to bring our best. The labour may have been difficult but it is time, so very soon now, for our rebirth from the shadows into the light.

New Moon in Scorpio rises at 

La La Land : Saturday 3.42am
New Yoik : Saturday 6.42am
Old Blighty : Saturday 11.42am
Wollombi : Saturday 10.42pm

Now may we rise too.

Art by Marcin Nagraba
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017