Dark Moon Ritual

“Nothing like a good ritualistic burning for letting it go and getting on with the magic. Visit Bohomofo for all your ritual burning, fear purging needs.”

Thanks Ronnie, correct you are (and now too soaring towards the Scorpio new moon tomorrow! Huzzah lady!)

As any witch worth her salt will tell you, the deepest dark of the moon phase is *the* perfect time to release, relinquish and generally Let That Shit Go. Whatever you feel is holding you back, tripping you up, dragging you down. You can release anything that is besmirching Beautiful You and clouding your ascendancy. Yes. Anything.

Perhaps you want to cut cords to the past to clear space for your future.

Perhaps your inner critic and her voice of doom are upping the fear factor to such a dizzying degree that it is stifling your creativity and crapping all over your brilliant ideas.

Perhaps there is something or someone in your life you know you need to give up in order to thrive.

Perhaps you are hankering for a fresh start, a line in the sand, to simply begin again.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I reiterate the spectacular power of personalised ritual done right. Aligned with forces mightier than your own. An honest communion with the elements and the multiverse about you. A clarion call to your future self that signals your readiness and willingly, lovingly, gratefully leaps towards that dazzling promise.


Ritual, spellcraft, magic, practice. These are doing words. They don’t do the work if you won’t. They require your active participation and ardent commitment.

The dark moon proffers the greatest opportunity, every month in a row, to release. That’s right now darklings. Linked is my favourite Ritual To Let Go, best done before the moon is new in Scorpio tomorrow. If you need something more, I offer personalised ritual to suit your means and ends and as my magical coaching clients will tell you, relentless support and cheerleading to bolster your reserves. If it sings to you (in a deep dark bluesy voice that makes your skin prickle) get in touch through the usual channels or send me a raven.

Blessings of this deliciously Scorpy dark moon to you.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017