Venus in Scorpio : Destination Desire

Desire is an impulse that controls an astounding amount of our behaviour. Too little and we are apathetic, unfired and unmotivated. Too much shuts down judgement and reason in favour of blind wanting. It is weaved into our emotional body which is why desire can bypass rationale and common sense and is more often attributed to heart / groin than brain.

Desire can be a galvanising force for good, tapping us into our feeling nature and the staggering amount of energy held within it. It can keep us going, hone our focus, lift us up. Desire too has a spectacular dark side, one that is overwhelming and controlling and grossly toxic to our souls.

Desire’s hidden face is littered with addiction and perversion, manipulation and woe. There is a delicious darkness that sweeps into the eyes of any consumed by desire. It can be an irresistable lure that is dangerously enchanting, even as your intuition screams no and your brain revolts.

I came face to face with my dark desire nature and Baba Yaga at the same time in meditation after years of sidestepping. I was terrified as she revealed to me the full nature of desire, its capacity to rule unbalanced. She asked me to relinquish it and I faltered, fearing the loss of love and longing. She corrected me, in much the same way Venus in Scorpio is revealing and correcting the imbalance in our desire and its application in our lives.

Because we tread the Scorpion’s path, it is inextricably linked to power. That old chesnut that will not simply rack off now. Desire lorded or imposed is an evil only just beginning to be checked in the Western world. Ask any woman from any era. Listen for the chorus of #metoo

It is vital for each of us to come to understand this enchanting force that drives us. Just like magic, it is only good or evil once wielded. So how well do you know it in yourself? More importantly, to what effect do you employ this spell in your own life?

Venus has been in Scorpio since November 7 and departs for the Saggilands in early December. Until then this lens on desire and power is intensified, unrelenting and ripe for the delving.

Go deep and proceed fearlessly for best results.

Image via Pinterest
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2017