Third Quarter Tangent

All too often the first and third quarter moons present us with Crisis and/or Drama *snore*. Hands up who hasn’t had a gutful of it already during saison du scorp. These quarter moon stumbling blocks are cosmic sandpaper designed to buff our new and full moon intentions to a higher shine sans the nicks, traps and oversights we may have unwittingly saddled on our heaving wishlist.

This time around however the third quarter moon in Leo (I am lunatic / hear me roar) delivers us another Third In The Astro Series, an all too frequent pattern this year offering us not one nor two but three chances to get this shizz down. And thus we are presented instead with the opposite side of the Crisis coin : Opportunity.

Today’s major players are Saturn and Uranus in trine, a galactic boon if you know what to do with it. This pretty pair and their strange and unusual combination has previously fallen from the sky and into our laps in late December and again in May. Tracking back to remind thyself of previous breakthroughs, forgotten aha moments or blinding flashes of insight and inspiration can only serve you well.

At first glance they seem like unusual bedfellows. Saturn is Father Time, all hard work and unavoidable diligence, structure and function, right action that abhors shortcuts and bullshit. Uranus is a bolt of lightning, unheralded and shocking, inherently disruptive, a gamechanger that resets our status quo to a new normal.

In cahoots they offer tangential inspiration served up with lashings of the common sense required to give even the craziest idea legs in the real world. They proffer brilliant breakthrough based on a solid foundation that could get the change to stick. It is like lightning with a seatbelt and a GPS.

In ancient astrology Saturn was the ruling planet of Aquarius. In modern astrology, Aquarians are ruled by Uranus. Perhaps today’s energy is best exemplified by our water bearing friends, those who lead the vanguard of breakthrough ideas, channel the zeitgeist and change the world. Peeps like Mozart and Galileo, Yoko Ono and Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and James Dean.

Today is the day to mainline the spirit of Aquaria. Breakthrough beckons.