Embrace Your Shadow

Embracing our shadow is something I bang on about a lot and not just because its dark path is one I have been forced to walk many times. I am a fervent believer in this good work. Plus it is unavoidable: the more you slap it away, the harder it hits you back. For the love of Kali, take it from one who shadowboxed herself for fuqing years.

Our much maligned shadow is at its core the very source of our personal power, often comprising the many headed parts of us that have been shamed or shaken, pointed or prodded, deemed somehow unacceptable or unpalatable. And so we learn all too quickly to play nice, to stuff our darknesses into pockets and corners, to try and pretend that they are not a part of us at all, not really. But oh how they are, shouting louder and louder until we turn to stare them down.

Shaky at first, stepping closer to our shadow minimises its overarching and levels the internal playing field. A ginger approach built on kindness and curiosity – rather than the judgemental fingerpointing that was instrumental in its creation – reveals its hidden gifts. Embracing this deeper understanding cements our power, innoculating us against the button pushers who will always play their part in the dance.

Today the sun meets Jupiter head on for an embrace that is highly optimistic, raising our levels of enthusiasm and bestowing a sheen of encouraging possibility… with one teeny tiny clanging disclaimer. The small print, tucked behind the trilling and trumpets, reminds us that this is happening in Scorpio and well along the Fiery Way.

How to bank this sunny cosmic cheque in the shadowlands? By finally, utterly and as completely as you will permit embracing your shadow. Allow this dark deity that lives within you to show you your true nature and the manifest destiny that continues to drum its fingers as it waits for you to come to the party.

Trust both its wisdom and its magic. They are yours to keep, if you are brave enough to unwrap them.

I sailed seas of emotion
To wander a forest of scars
I am a dance of light and darkness
A galaxy of shadow and stars
~ R. Queen

Art by Rita Lloyd
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017