Scorpio Season : What Lies Beneath

Season of the Scorp is nearly here and it is time for us all to dive deep into what lies beneath. We are being collectively compelled to bravely step towards our shadows and fast running out of places to hide (right Harvey?).

The sun joins both Mercury and Jupiter in our astrological shadowlands. Expect even more shadowy secrets to be revealed and enlarged: all the better for us to work with and seek out the deep healing found at their core. Bank on scorp season to make short work of any unholy two step that seeks to condone, excuse or point the finger all too quickly at anyone else. The #metoo movement is the current brazen embodiment of scorptastic medicine: initially horrifying and triggering, its snowballing is pulling the curtain back on deeply diseased aspects of our society so that we may rise to transform and transmute the muck. Ultimately this is how we begin to heal.

What happens on the large stage is always reflected on our own. It is time for all of us to peer into our dark corners with patient, curious eyes in order to track and trace our skeletons, the ghosts we’ve never quite confronted, the simmering leftovers of lesser days. Never underestimate the power of this good work to gift understanding, acceptance and ultimate redemption.

Scorpio natives are built on this medicine. They do not bow to their shadows or run and hide from darkness. Rather they welcome it with a wry smile, eyes flashing with trademark Scorpionic intensity.

We have been well stepped into our fiery way. But before we can reclaim and rejoice in our phoenixing, first we must feel the burn. Welcome to saison du scorp.

How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.
~ Carl Jung

Image snapped at beautiful Toberua Island Resort, Fiji
Words and image © Kerrie Basha, 2017