Chiron’s Learning Curve

Possibly it has always been the case and it is just that my antenna is locked so very firmly upon it now, but this period in astrology feels incredibly cumulative. By divine design we are being neatly stepped this year and further back beyond through a building series of aspects, a pattern forming that forces our hands, our hammering heads, our shuddering hearts.

Of course, it feels neither neat nor like it is stacking together for many as our worlds are shaken and stirred. Everything is writ large, far reaching and undeniably consequential. All that we do counts or works for us or against us as neutrality gets hazed. It is like living in an action movie, one of those crazy ones where the ground keeps falling away and anyone could be an alien and there’s some circus demagogue in power…

Today’s sky candy sees Chiron and Mars in action together, as our cosmic firecracker lights a fuse beneath our battle wounds. You will know precisely how far you are along the healing path but remember, as kindly as you can, that depth counts for more than speed. Chiron has featured heavily this year, forcing our world’s hidden sore spots and gaping need for surgery into the spotlight. As on the big stage, so too on our own smaller one.

The often skipped aspect of Chiron – as we wear our damage like brooches we refuse to take off – is his ascendancy. He isn’t perpetually wounded and bleeding in agony. He isn’t cursing and wailing and blaming the accidental arrow. He instead embodies the paradigm for healing and the transformation that is its blessed bedfellow.

Beyond his greatest learnings and teachings, in myth Chiron sacrifices immortality to relieve his poison pain and is liberated, elevated, taking his rightful position in the stars. Here he becomes the bridge between Saturn (structure, time, hard work, doing it right) and Uranus (revolution, fresh eyes, new approaches).

The cosmos is less interested in your wounds than it is your scar tissue, because no-one arrives to their revolution unscathed. With Mars in the equation today, beware the battle when your energy could be better spent balming. Make love not war.

Art entitled ‘Healer’ by Rene Magritte, surrealist genius
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017