The Fiery Way

The Burning Path ~ or Via Combusta as it was known to the ancients ~ is the portion of our sky occupied by the last half of Libra & the first half of Scorpio. From today the sun king is travelling this incendiary passage and so too are we. Again the ancient myths pull at the tendrils of our life as our option to phoenix is literally lit up for us. Every single year in a row at this time we each walk our own flaming path. Its midpoint is the sabbat between equinox and solstice: Samhain in the north and Beltane in the south.

Feared in ancient astrology (a superstitious view not unlike the Friday the 13th malarky) the Fiery Way offers no detours, bidding us to tread the shadowlands of the zodiac. Sensing a theme yet? We are running out of ways to avoid our dark secrets. In this curious place nothing is known or locked down and everything is magnified in intensity as our awareness peaks. Is there a greater test of balance as we wrangle our occult selves while transformation by fire licks at the tips of our outstretched hands?

Dark places whisper to us of breakthrough and change once and again as we wander in the inky shadows. It is particularly here that the magic lies tucked away, aching to be discovered as we learn again to immolate our demons, reborn from their smoking ashes.

This time around the sun, the path of fire was heralded by a plutonic full moon in Aries. The waning phase since has been divinely designed to plunge us into our darknesses so that we may discover our light. It is here that secret knowledge is tucked away, in unlocked chests that crave their opening.

Dive deep without expectation or judgement to reveal treasures. Let the flames take what weighs too heavily or hinders steady progress. Carry the glittering jewels you uncover to the surface and decorate your life with their sparkling beauty.

The tipping point is now and there is absolutely no need to be afraid of the dark, the flames, your fire. Burn baby burn.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017