Hello Shadow My Old Friend

As Jupiter lopes into Scorpio for his annual change of state, so too do we move from staring into faces other than our own and turn to peer through the looking glass. As though we hadn’t already got the memo earlier, despatched by raven and dripping in our own blood, that this year is about a forcible excavation of our murky depths for a far grander purpose than we imagine.

Hello shadow, my old friend
I’m here to dance with you again

Uncle Pluto and Captain Lightning himself, Uranus have us pretty well schooled this year in the lost art of shadow dancing. They have been teaching us how to boldly lead in the dark, leaning in close as our musky shadow self whispers secrets and truths that make us weep. Fine training indeed for our year long cosmic crash course through scorpion territory, where the highest truth is transformation and the toll is perpetual death and rebirth. You are coming for you, ready or not.

Jupiter is renowned for expanding wherever he traverses and alchemising that abundance into a rich and useful education. Yes even if that is our underworld. He enlarges what we focus on and for the next year, try as we may to point bones or fingers or nuclear weapons at whatever forces outside of ourselves we blame, we will each be peering into the mirror regardless.

Don’t stare wistfully elsewhere. For here, tucked away in the last place you were likely to look, buried beneath the detritus of every mistake or shitty experience of your life that you would do absolutely anything not to trawl through again, here lies buried your powers. The power to shape your fate and to change your state. To make your mark. To not give a flying fuq and ardently pursue your passions. The power to thus enlarge your world and reshape the space you occupy in it.

Good work and worth getting a little muckraked for, no matter how much it may sting. Prepare to power up.

I’m trying to free your mind but I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.
~ Alice In Wonderland / Jupiter In Scorpio

Your time starts now.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017