Saturn and Pluto Squares

Perfectly summing up the vibe for almost a week now, well may you be gagging on these strange days. Post a firecracking Aries full moon that had so many snapping and snarking thanks to her partners in crime, we are still boobs deep in the fallout.


We can thank (or indeed raise a single finger to) the bizarre double header of a relentless run of Pluto and Saturn squares. Yes together. It is an unholy recipe for extreme status anxiety / panic, excessive sniping at self or others and mach five meltdowns as things don’t go the right way. Vile. And for those asking when it will end, sit down. We need to peer all the way to the weekend before this discomforting cocktail racks off.

This is tension writ large in that gloriously galvanising way that makes us Do Something About It. Uncle Pluto is pushing shadow buttons like a kid in an arcade. Father Time is making us feel underdone and overcooked and nowhere near ready. Everything is criticism without solution, festering and fingerpointing that shifts none of us further along. And to top it off, muggles everywhere – and I mean absofuqinglutely all about us in vast numbers, many of them inexplicably holding positions of influence and power – are making us wonder where this crazy train is headed.

These are days built on protecting your magic, keeping your own counsel, running your own race. Stay as far as possible from the fray, give known offenders the widest of berths and sidestep the haters that get through your anti bad vibes shield*.

Expect this week to provide opportunity after oh my giddy aunt not again opportunity to unpack your gristly bits and get a better grip on them. Ain’t nothing like a giant niggle to tickle the underbelly. Use it for the depth charge it could be, instead of taking it like a packet of crackers.

The alternative is to pack a bag and head for the nearest tropical island. Yes I am counting the sleeps. For those in need of emergency tarot, clarity through the sludge and blessed insight, you have me until Friday. Get in quick!


Sometimes I’m the mess. Sometimes I’m the broom. On the hardest days, I have to be both.
~ Ruby Francisco

Still from SNL featuring Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler | * Anti bad vibes shield created by Ozzy Wright for Volcom
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017