Spirit Animal : Eartha Kitt

This week / year’s spirit animal is the inimitable Eartha Kitt. More than one hell of a performer or singular character, Eartha was a warrior. She fought for what she believed in vehemently and took concrete steps in the real world to support those in need and agitate for change. She did not pay any mind to how she was received or who she offended. Her opinions were decades ahead of their time and gave the disenfranchised a voice on a world stage. Her hallmark? Similar to so many activists, thought leaders and changemakers: she persisted.

In the face of a changing world that isn’t always headed in the direction we each want, where do you stand on activism? What do you fight for? Do you stand tall and firm behind your principles? Do you practice what you preach in the face of haters and naysaters, whiners and fingerpointers?

The world needs our voices of dissent, because things aren’t okay and they won’t change if we all wait for someone else to stand up first. Maybe we cannot reach the world stage. Perhaps being the change starts small: in your own life, your family, your community, your workplace.

Warmongers don’t always show up trailing armies. Racists are sometimes unconscious of their indoctrinated dogma, even as it offends and excludes neighbours and friends. Homophobes often fall back on bad jokes and backflips when the mirror is turned around. Call out the dinosaurs with dicks, who hide behind toxic tradition. Ask the sexists and mysogynists to broaden their baseless point of view that kicks women in the guts while it still demands their nurturing as though it is their right.

Call it as you see it. Tell it like it is. Get engaged. Get enraged. Use the power you have to effect change.

Time to unleash your inner Eartha.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017